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    Simple, effective tools to help you communicate and get your message across with more ease, confidence and enjoyment

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    Finding your unique mix of charisma to help you embrace social and work situations with confidence and authenticity

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    Practical advice and guidance on learning to live with nerves, channelling them positively to help you succeed

Hi, I'm Jamie

I've been able to help people go from choking over their words in front of an audience of 3, to speaking in front of 250 people, and enjoying it. I find it incredibly rewarding passing on this experience and knowledge to other people.

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Are you among the countless individuals who find public speaking daunting? 

You're not alone.

We provide expert guidance and support, enabling you to conquer your fears and emerge as an expressive, confident, and highly effective public speaker. 

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  • Paddy Cavanagh-Butler, Founder Punchy drinks

    'Jamie is brilliant, he really helped me feel more comfortable and confident whilst public speaking with some great tips and tricks. I want to get him working with the rest of the team ASAP. Would highly recommend working with him.'

  • Zaneta Stepien, VCCP

    'The sessions have been great. I will keep practicing but I've felt such a huge difference in how I speak already. Thank you.'

  • Etaine Lamy, Flint Global

    'Jamie has quite frankly been an amazing coach. His tools are incredibly useful. Huge thanks!'

  • Birkbeck University

    'Jamie provided a brilliant twist to the content, sharing valuable presenting tips from someone who has shared the stage with a range of impressive names.'

  • Sam Bradley, Lick Home

    'Jamie was amazing to collaborate with. I'd recommend him to anyone who needs some support tackling a public speech.'

  • Will Lovell, Co-Founder at Lyra Studios

    'I really can't recommend Jamie enough. I've just finished a round of sessions that were filled with great practical and tactical public speaking advice.'

  • Lucy Busk, Co-founder at NICE

    'Jamie ran a really fun, engaging and insightful session which everyone loved. He is a real confidence booster and I would highly recommend him.'

  • Theo Hitchcock

    'Jamie felt like the ideal person to help me with my best man’s speech due to his training as an actor. He listened intently whilst making notes as I gave my speech from start to finish. He then went through his suggestions, and I ended up agreeing with every one of them!'

  • Alexander Whyte, RSM at Zscaler

    'Jamie helped me to not only understand the fundamentals, but gave me the confidence in my ability to execute. Tone, pace and comfort in silence are often overlooked, but focusing on these basics enabled me to break through my fear of failure when speaking in front of people.'

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