Education training

Equip your students with the tools to thrive in their future

Develop their the ability to articulate ideas with precision, deliver compelling presentations, and engage audiences with confident communication. Help prepare them for the challenges of the corporate world and adult life.

  • Boosted Confidence

    Public speaking can be a major source of anxiety, but it doesn't have to be that way. Our program focuses on building confidence, providing a safe and supportive environment to develop

  • Career Readiness

    In today's competitive job market, strong communication skills are highly valued by employers. Speakfulness Education prepares students to excel in interviews, networking events, and future workplace scenarios, giving them a distinct advantage in their career journeys.

Enhanced Academic Performance

Effective communication skills are crucial for academic success. Our training equips students with the ability to deliver impactful presentations, articulate their ideas clearly, and engage their peers and teachers

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Previous workshop topics:

  • Using your voice

  • Developing presence

  • Public Speaking Fundamentals

  • Interview technique

  • Basics of Presenting

  • Overcoming Nerves

Cassandra Hugill, Department Head at UCL

Jamie's session provided the perfect start to the In2research programme. Despite having over 90 people in the room, he was able to bring the whole group along and help them connect to their breath, learning useful techniques for communicating and using their voice. Several participants reflected on how useful the session was and many of the staff too! We look forward to working with him again.

Birkbeck University,  Pioneer Program

Jamie provided a brilliant twist to the content, sharing valuable presenting tips from someone who has shared the stage with a range of impressive names.