The Education coaching programme

Transformative Learning

A combination of expert guidance, practical exercises and interactive workshops to create a transformative learning experience. Here's how it works:

Customised Curriculum

Collaborating with your institution, we tailor a program to your specific needs and goals. Our curriculum covers all aspects of public speaking, including speech preparation, delivery techniques, body language, and audience engagement.

Engaging Workshops

Dynamic sessions that combine theory and practice. Students participate in interactive activities, receive feedback, and learn valuable techniques to improve their speaking skills.

Real-World Application

We emphasize the practical application of learned skills through real-world scenarios and role-playing exercises. Our hands-on approach enables students to develop confidence and adaptability in diverse speaking situations.

Long Term Support

Speakfulness Education is committed to providing students and institutions with ongoing support through our subscription package. Here's how we support your institution

  • Continued Learning Resources

    Gain access to a wealth of learning resources, including online materials, video tutorials, and best practice guides. These resources ensure that the knowledge and skills acquired during the program can be reinforced and applied long after its completion.

  • Expert Consultations

    Our team of expert coaches is available for consultations, offering guidance on public speaking initiatives within your institution. We are dedicated to supporting faculty members and administrators in fostering a culture of effective communication.

  • Refresher Programs

    We offer periodical refresher programs to ensure that your employees stay sharp, update their skills, and adapt to the changing communication landscape.