Paddy Cavanagh-Butler, Founder Punchy drinks

Jamie is brilliant, he really helped me feel more comfortable and confident whilst public speaking with some great tips and tricks. I want to get him working with the rest of the team asap. Would highly recommend working with him.

Etaine Lamy- Consultant at Flint Global

Jamie has quite frankly been an amazing coach. His approach is a tailored one, and he adapted to what I wanted to focus on, the type of work I do and the audience I face- and he helped me identify what else I needed to work on. The tools he gave me apply to a range of different public speaking environments. They are incredibly useful, and knowing I can rely on them has significantly boosted my confidence in public speaking. 

Most of all, his approach is a human one: He puts one at ease immediately and creates an atmosphere of trust that is invaluable. Huge thanks!

Alexander Whyte- RSM at Zscaler

Jamie helped me to not only understand the fundamentals, but gave me the confidence in my ability to execute. Tone, pace and comfort in silence are often overlooked, but focusing on these basics enabled me to break through my fear of failure when speaking in front of people.

A year later, I was asked by colleagues where I learned my presentation style and confidence. From stumbling on my words in front of just 3 people, I went to delivering a speech in front of 250. It was both time and money well invested.

  Cassandra Hugill, Department Head at UCL

Jamie's session provided the perfect start to the In2research programme. Despite having over 90 people in the room, he was able to bring the whole group along and help them connect to their breath, learning useful techniques for communicating and using their voice. Several participants reflected on how useful the session was and many of the staff too! We look forward to working with him again.

Sam Bradley, CMO & Co-Founder at Lick Home

Jamie gave me the confidence I needed to deliver the best man speech I wanted to. He guided me through the writing process and was amazing to collaborate with. I'd recommend him to anyone who needs some support tackling a public speech. His job is not to write the speech for you, it's to help you get the best speech from within you onto the page.

 Tim Wood, Lawyer at Allen Overy LLP

Jamie came to my office and helped me to develop my public speaking for a number of important presentations I have coming up. His positive outlook and friendly and supportive character really made me feel at ease and able to share my experiences of public speaking and areas that I hoped to get better at. His vast experience in public speaking immediately shone through as he gave me a very personal and tailored session with lots of practical tips and techniques to work on going forward. I'm really excited to put it all into practice. I couldn't recommend Jamie highly enough.

‘Huge thanks from all of us for hosting such an engaging and valuable session for our team. The feedback following has been overwhelmingly positive with strong appetite to develop further.’

Will Lovell, Co-Founder of Lyra Studios | Brand Experience Agency

I really cannot recommend Jamie enough. I've just finished a round of sessions that were filled with great practical and and tactical public speaking advice, and more importantly for me, hugely impactful from the mental side of public speaking. Not only is Jamie great at what he does, he's a pleasure to deal with and a very good laugh.

  • Zaneta Stepien- Creative Producer at VCCP

    'The sessions have been great. I will keep practicing but I've felt such a huge difference in how I speak already. Thank you.'

  • Birkbeck University,  Pioneer Program

    'Jamie provided a brilliant twist to the content, sharing valuable presenting tips from someone who has shared the stage with a range of impressive names.'

  • Theo Hitchcock

    'Jamie felt like the ideal person to help me with my best man’s speech due to his training as an actor. He listened intently whilst making notes as I gave my speech from start to finish. He then went through his suggestions, and I ended up agreeing with every one of them! He also helped me clarify a couple of things I wasn’t sure about. I left feeling more confident and excited to do it.'

  • DBB Remedy

    'Jamie really knows his stuff and a lot of what he said resonated with me – I felt it was a safe space to talk, try the exercises and to not feel too self-conscious.  He explained everything clearly. It’s given me hope that maybe I can overcome the fear too! I came out of it feeling much more positive and a lot calmer about the idea of client meetings and workshops.'

  • Hugo Lakin- Clever Carbon

    'Jamie is a fantastic coach, his sessions are super practical and full of tips that actually work. He's got a great way of tackling the mental side of speaking too, which really helped me. Highly recommend him if you're looking to up your speaking game!'

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