Event and wedding speeches

Allow us to help you feel ready and confident.

Delivering a heartfelt and memorable speech on a special occasion can be a daunting task. Whether you're the bride, groom, best man, maid of honor, or a parent, the pressure to convey your emotions and thoughts can be overwhelming.

  • Master your speech

    We guide you through the process of crafting a great speech, using simple, practical techniques exploring speech structure, storytelling and connecting with your audience.

  • Build confidence, feel in control

    Working together, we will hone your speech into a place you feel happy with, practicing it together until you feel comfortable you can deliver something you feel proud of.

  • Speechwriting assistance

    Our job isn’t to write the speech for you, it’s to help you write the best speech you can. We will help guide you into the right areas, providing a supportive expert opinion where you feel stuck.

  • Coping with the pressure

    Using tried and tested techniques, harness your nerves positively, giving you the confidence to enjoy the occasion. Believe it or not, it can happen!

Theo, Travel Professional & Photographer

'Jamie felt like the ideal person to help me with my best man’s speech due to his training as an actor. He listened intently whilst making notes as I gave my speech from start to finish. He then went through his suggestions, and I ended up agreeing with every one of them! He also helped me clarify a couple of things I wasn’t sure about. I left feeling more confident and excited to do it.'

Sam, CMO & Co-Founder  

'Quite simply Jamie gave me the confidence I needed to deliver the best man speech I wanted to. He guided me through the speech writing process and was amazing to collaborate with. I'd recommend him to anyone who needs some support tackling a public speech. His job is not to write the speech for you, it's to help you get the best speech from within you onto the page.'

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