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Find what works best for your company

We offer a range of customisable options to help you find what works best for your business. 

With a comprehensive suite of public speaking programs, workshops, and coaching sessions, choose the approach that best suits your company. We offer flexible formats and delivery options, including in-person, virtual, and blended solutions

  • Influential Leadership

    Develop your leaders’ communication abilities, enabling them to inspire and motivate, build strong relationships and grow their leadership presence.

  • Level up your employee’s Presenting skills

    Our training enables your team to deliver engaging and persuasive presentations, holding an audience’s attention and delivering key messages effectively 

  • Sales and Business Development

    Improve your sales team’s ability to articulate, negotiate and close deals with confidence.

  • Effective Team Communication

    Strengthen internal communication and teamwork skills within your organisation.

We work closely with you to understand your company's specific needs, objectives, and challenges. We then tailor a solution that addresses your unique requirements, aligning with your company's culture, industry, and desired outcomes.


Previous workshop topics:

  • Basics of Public Speaking

  • Improvisation in Sales

  • Holding an Audience’s Attention

  • Presenting to Camera 

  • Leadership Speech Writing

  • Basics of Presenting

  • Dealing with Nerves

  • Zoom/Skype Presentations

  • Building Rapport

  • Leadership Presence

  • Storytelling

  • Advanced Presenting

Etaine Lamy- Consultant at Flint Global

Jamie has quite frankly been an amazing coach. His approach is a tailored one, and he adapted to what I wanted to focus on, the type of work I do and the audience I face- and he helped me identify what else I needed to work on. The tools he gave me apply to a range of different public speaking environments. They are incredibly useful, and knowing I can rely on them has significantly boosted my confidence in public speaking. 

Most of all, his approach is a human one: He puts one at ease immediately and creates an atmosphere of trust that is invaluable. Huge thanks!

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