FIVE Practical tips for feeling less self-conscious

Here are FIVE practical tips for feeling less self-conscious. 👇

It’s all too easy to join our audience in watching ourselves (usually with a rather critical eye…)

Tip #1  Own it.
Notice you’re in this state- even say to yourself ‘I’m feeling self-conscious.’ Breathe through it. In noticing what’s going on, you have the chance to step out of it.

In the time before getting up to speak... Are you stuck in your head, or aware of what’s going on in front of you? 🤔

Tip #2  Get out of your mind, and into your senses.
Feel your feet on the floor, your bum in your seat. What sounds can you hear? Really see people’s faces. Notice details.
All of this has the effect of bringing you present, and it stands to reason, the more you focus on things outside of yourself, the less you’re focused on you.

As an actor, often your best performances are the ones you barely remember. You were able to shed that layer of introspection, freeing you to play and be present.
The same applies for public speaking. 🙌

Tip #3 Remember your audience are human too

Remind yourself that most people are also self-conscious, wrapped up in themselves whilst listening. Only a small portion of their attention is on you, and they aren't actively sat there in judgement. There's no need to be so worried by what they think of you- most have no space to think much about anyone else at all!

Tip #4 Get into your body and out of your head

Go for a brisk walk beforehand, or do a couple of big stretches. 

Tip #5 Journal

Journal about why you get self-conscious in the first place. You can then question whether the reasons are really rational or not, or based on old fears from youth.


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