‘I’m going to get up and nail this, and it’ll be PERFECT.’

If this sounds like you… let’s talk👇

Many clients I work with demand perfection from themselves when public speaking, which is part of the reason why they hate doing it so much.

Let’s say this loud for the people in the back:


In fact, let’s go further…

It’s outright dumb to even try to be (sorry…)

I speak as a reformed perfectionist.
The pressure I put on myself when I first went to drama school led to my legs shaking involuntarily 😬

The problem with demanding perfection is you give yourself zero wiggle room to be human in. We aren’t meant to be robots.

I’ve mentioned previously that humans don’t work well under pressure. The tension from having to be perfect is what leads to people stuttering over their words, rushing through what they’re saying, and loathing the whole experience.

So we’ve presented the problem…

In my next post, we’ll look at the solution 🙂

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