The most undervalued tool of Public Speaking

As far as Public Speaking goes, the most criminally undervalued tool available to us is our voice.

It’s largely taken for granted (I speak, therefore I am..), yet it’s the simplest and most effective way for anyone to come across more confident, warm, and persuasive.

If you’re familiar with the sci-fi series Dune, there are people who use ‘Voice’ to compel other people to do things. Whilst I stop short at that...How often is the tone that someone asks us something, or the passion and interest they infuse their words with that sells us on an idea?

On the flipside, we all know the feeling of listening to an uninspiring speaker, gently lulling us all to sleep with their monotone delivery…

Developing your voice is really simple. Small exercises done regularly have a profound effect.

I saw this first hand training at drama school, where awkward, hesitant voices (self included) transformed into voices that sounded powerful, confident and authentic.

Learning to use your voice effectively shouldn’t be confined to actor training. After all, none of it is rocket science. Now that I’ve been exposed to it, I wonder why this isn’t something taught to all of us in school. The difference it could make is enormous!

In a world where Chat GPT can write a speech for you, and ‘brand messages’ are thrust in our faces all the time, the ability to speak with confident authenticity can end up becoming your superpower.

And it only takes a couple of minutes to see a massive improvement. I’m not just saying that- it’s true.

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