Preparing for a Wedding speech?

Preparing for a Wedding speech?
I had the honour of being best man two summers ago.

My top advice: put the work in before the day, and it pays off. 💪

In the week before, I read my speech through as much as possible, getting used to saying the words out loud, growing comfortable with the timing.
I knew I wasn’t going to learn it (an unnecessary pressure in my opinion,) but I wanted to be very familiar.

I read it aloud in front of my wife and a trusted friend and I was happy with the material. 👍

On the day, I reminded myself I was here to enjoy it and be there for the groom. This helped channel my nerves and stopped me getting ahead of myself. 👍

A few minutes before, I went off to the gents and took a couple of deep breaths (the butterflies were kicking in,) and hummed gently through my voice.

And then before you knew it, it was done! Phew. 🍾

Wedding speeches are nerve racking for everyone-even public speaking coaches...

Preparation is key to feeling confident, so you can enjoy yourself on the day.

If you have a Wedding speech coming up, get in touch. I can help you through every step of preparing your speech.
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