There's a vocal tick that's very common today- I think you'll recognise it👇

It's going up at the end of each sentence.

So that everything you say sounds like a question? Even when it isn't? It takes away your power as a speaker, even though you might be saying something important? You get the gist? 😅

If you can relate- don't worry. We all slip into this from time to time. But if you want to come across as more confident in what you're saying, it's definitely a habit worth breaking.

So how can we? There are a few different exercises that help. I'll share one here:

On your own, work through a speech or presentation and click your fingers on the last word of each sentence.

Make sure you sustain your vocal energy right to the end. 
What do you notice?

Clicking helps you break the habit of ending sentences with uncertainty. Sustaining your energy and following through with conviction.

Once you've worked through something in this way, read it aloud again, this time internalising the clicks, but keeping how they changed your delivery.

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