Do you like the way your voice sounds?

Who here dislikes the way their voice sounds? 😬

Too high. Too nasal. Too monotone. Too quiet…Oh lord TOO LOUD!

We all can have different vocal hang-ups (some we’re not even aware of) that hold us back from speaking authentically.

Did you know that all of the issues above are easily fixed? 

Julian Treasure (definitely worth a google) put it best: We have this incredible tool available to us, yet so few of us are taught how to use it.

Taking that analogy further- Imagine your voice box is like an instrument, a guitar.
Why confine ourselves to only playing a few chords? There’s near infinite varieties of notes available!

I’m not suggesting you start declaiming like a grande dame of the stage…but with very little work you can start sounding more confident, more expressive, and more genuine.
At the very least, your listeners will be thanking you 😉

The way our voice ‘sounds’ is largely due to how we hold tension in our throat and mouth. Simple exercises done over time ease out this tension, leading to a fuller and more open voice.

Why is this tension there in the first place? Often it’s linked to permission. Were you ‘permitted’ to cry as a child? Were you allowed to get angry? It’s fascinating how emotion can bubble up when first engaging in release work.

But the good news is, on the other side of that is freedom.

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