Do you like the way your voice sounds?

Who here dislikes the way their voice sounds? 😬

Too high. Too nasal. Too monotone. Too quiet…Oh lord TOO LOUD!

We all can have different vocal hang-ups (some we’re not even aware of) that hold us back from speaking authentically.

Did you know that all of the issues above are easily fixed? 

Julian Treasure (definitely worth a google) put it best: We have this incredible tool available to us, yet so few of us are taught how to use it.

Taking that analogy further- Imagine your voice box is like an instrument, a guitar.
Why confine ourselves to only playing a few chords? There’s near infinite varieties of notes available!

I’m not suggesting you start declaiming like a grande dame of the stage…but with very little work you can start sounding more confident, more expressive, and more genuine.
At the very least, your listeners will be thanking you 😉

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