Wouldn’t it be great to speak with a little more authority and gravitas?

In a world where it’s the norm to 2x speed through a voice message, our brains are getting used to working faster than our mouths. 😬

Rushing when speaking not only takes away your power, it’s also what leads to stumbling over words and losing track of where you are.

So how can we slow ourselves down? Two things:
➡ Use your breath. Make sure you are breathing (always a good start) and allow yourself to breathe fully when you need to.
➡ Practice. Read from a book at the pace you want to, then read 25% slower. At first you will want to punch something, but this will break the habit of rushing.

It’s a gift to your listeners when you give them time. It also automatically lends you more authority over what you’re saying. ⭐

Next week, I’ll share another tip that helps with this. If you can’t wait for that, why not book in for a session?
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