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Core (4 x 1 hour)

Core (4 x 1 hour)

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Personalised One to One sessions, working through a curriculum devised by myself to help you grow as a public speaker.

What We will Cover


- A detailed exploration of how our bodies can either help, or hinder us in communicating well.

  • Identify and learn how to quickly warm up and tune the muscles you need for communicating.
  • Help identify your own personal habits of tension when nervous, with practical work and guidance on how to remedy these.
  • Simple, practical advice and exercises you can do to improve your speaking and energy immediately.

Preparation and Practice

 - It's unavoidable, but practice really is the key to improving and more getting more confident. Working through a speech together,  we will explore further what we learnt previously and in a safe and compassionate environment, apply them to your own public speaking.

  • Guides and tools for how to prepare for a presentation or speech. Little acting ‘tricks’ to help you come across more convincingly, developing a sense of ease and confidence.
  • Tools of rhetoric, and vocal dynamics.


-Often the reason we have such huge nerves when public speaking is down to unconscious assumptions and beliefs we hold about doing it. Working through some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy exercises, we will identify yours unhelpful assumptions and beliefs and bring them back to a more rational, healthy place.

  • An honest discussion on nerves, with some comforting home truths.
  • How do your nerves manifest? What we can do to help this.
  • Learning how to be ‘comfortably nervous.’

Connecting with an Audience

-Personal charisma is not a one-size-fits-all formula.

  • Working together to find your own unique brand of charisma and how you can apply it both socially and in public speaking.
  • Practical exercises and guidance to help you connect better with your audience.
  • CBT based guidance on how to develop a positive rapport with whoever is in front of you.
  • ‘What we give out, we get back.’
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